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UPDATE LOG of Vibrational Energy Medicine

08-11-21 I am no longer selling tuning forks and have removed the links on this site.
11-05-18 Updated my biography.
08-20-18 Changed PRODUCTS page to show that Tuning Forks are now sold WHOLESALE only.
There are NO MORE Retail sales of Tuning Forks at, except for tuning forks only made at
03-12-18 My newest published article titled "Lessons from a Near-Death Experience".
02-06-18 Added text that any type of SILK fabric is good for color therapy as long as it is 100% silk.
01-05-18 Added LITHIUM content information for some lithium stones

Added wonderful new Kabbalah book recommendation:
The 72 Names of God: Technology for the Soul by Yehuda Berg

09-12-17 Reminder that GOLDEN 'C' Water works like smudge to clear negative energies, but WITHOUT SMOKE! Very useful in the West right now where inhaling smoke is a concern.
07-27-17 ALL Trinity Paks have been SOLD!
07-24-17 Only 6 Trinity Paks left!   LIMIT 2 per customer
05-29-17 Only 38 Trinity Paks left!   LIMIT 2 per customer
05-22-17 Added information to Aromatherapy and Aromatherapy Usage and Cautions webpages.
04-26-17 Added link to PRINT Trinity Pak Brochure.
02-27-17 Added link to The Crystal Garden store in Chapel Hill, NC.
01-12-17 Corrected links to TUNING FORKS website
11-29-16 Added 2 links about Sound Healing and Tinnitus on SOUND webpage
08-29-16 Added more information about how to access DNA on Energy Pathways webpage.
08-29-16 Added Larimar to Turquoise colored stones on Turquoise Color page.
07-11-16 Replaced 4th dimension YouTube video on Sacred Geometry webpage.
04-11-16 Explained on the Kabbalah webpage that the Tree of Life maps to the BACK of the body, even though most pictures show it mapped on the front of the body.
Trinity Paks available again! Dearest Haroldine, who originally made these Trinity Paks back in the '90s, found some more of the compound when moving to her new house, so as of August 16, 2015, I have about 152 Trinity Paks left for sale. As of December 28, 2015, we have 138 Trinity Paks available.

Tuning the Human Biofield
by Eileen McKusick

I highly recommend this book for those wanting to learn how to use Tuning Forks for healing. Eileen has been my long-time customer, buying my Tuning forks at, and sending all her students to me to purchase my forks. I am amazed at her brilliantly written and extremely useful book. Finally a cutting-edge view of Sound Healing with Tuning Forks! Brava Eileen!

Click on the image of her book above to read the wonderful reviews of her book! Eileen teaches too, so if you want classes with her, go to her website She also rents videos on her website of how to do her work.

10-19-14 Added and revised LINKS on Crystals & Stones webpage.
Mathematics is the language of God!
08-19-14 Added new Essential Oil of the Month, ROSE GERANIUM essential oil on Subtle Aromatherapy page.
08-14-14 Added FREE CRYSTAL READING from on Crystals & Stones page.
08-06-14 Added link to PDF about Aromatherapy and Essential Oils on Aromatherapy page.
08-03-14 Added HYDRO COLOR THERAPY to the COLOR webpage.
07-24-14 Added text links to color wheel graphics on all Color pages and changed a link on the Light page.
06-23-14 Added new Essential Oil of the Month, CISTUS essential oil on Subtle Aromatherapy page.
06-02-14 Added more links on Subtle Aromatherapy page for purchasing quality essential oils, absolutes, etc.
02-15-14 All Trinity Paks have been sold.
02-02-14 Added new Essential Oil of the Month,  GERMAN CHAMOMILE essential oil on Subtle Aromatherapy page.
01-26-14 Added my Crystal Healing teacher Katrina Raphaell's website as a link on the Crystals webpage.
01-24-14 We have only 8 Trinity Paks left. Once they are gone, they are gone.
11-17-13 Added several new LINKS for essential oils and articles on Subtle Aromatherapy page.
11-07-13 Added information to VETIVER essential oil on Subtle Aromatherapy page.
11-05-13 Added new Essential Oil of the Month, VETIVER to Subtle Aromatherapy page.
10-08-13 Added new Essential Oil of the Month, MYRTLE to Subtle Aromatherapy page.


Added FALL 2013 Newsletter: Kabbalah TREE OF LIFE as a MAP: Part 2: The 3 VEILS
08-03-13 Added new Essential Oil of the Month, ROMAN CHAMOMILE to Subtle Aromatherapy page.


Added Essential Oil ARCHIVES page.


Added Video: Introduction to Polarity Therapy Bodywork presented by John Chitty.


Added Summer 2013 Newsletter: Kabbalah TREE OF LIFE as a MAP: Part 1: The 3 PILLARS


Added new Essential Oil of the Month, JASMINE, to Subtle Aromatherapy page.


Added new information and videos to the Energywork Therapies page.


Added new Essential Oil of the Month, MELISSA, to Essential Oil ARCHIVES page.


Added cautionary note on Subtle Aromatherapy page to read labels for pure ingredients.


Added new Essential Oil of the Month, NEROLI, to Essential Oil ARCHIVES page.


Added two Limbic Mid-Brain diagrams to Subtle Aromatherapy page.


Golden 'C' Structured Water price increase to $22.00.


We continue to add additional information to the website as time permits. We have added a great deal of information to the Sacred Geometry page with much more to follow.

We've added for the first time information about various types of Energywork or Energy Healing Therapies, including Polarity Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch and Reflexology.

We are carrying a new product called the Trinity Pak, which is a pouch containing high-content lithium stones and sodium compounds in specific proportions to create an energy field of healing.


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Welcome to our new website! The information here about Vibrational/Energy Medicine used to be a part of, which is now solely a website selling Tuning Forks for Healing. We will be expanding our information here as time permits. Thank you for joining us. We hope you enjoy your experience here!
With love and light, Anne

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