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Vibrational Energy Medicine PRODUCTS
UPDATED 07-27-17


Golden 'C' Lithium Structured WaterGolden 'C' Water - Complete BALANCE of physical body & energy field using pure water infused with the energies of Golden 'C' crystal, which has highest LITHIUM content of any stone known.


Trinity Pak with Lepidolite, Amplygonite, Pala Pink Tourmaline and 3 Sodium CompoundsALL TRINITY PAKS HAVE BEEN SOLD!
The Trinity Pak is a combination of 3 Lithium Stones (lepidolite, amblygonite, pala pink tourmaline) and 3 Sodium Compounds blended together in very a specific ratio. These materials are placed in a 1 square lavender fabric with blue/violet stitching. The pillow is placed on various parts of the body for balance and healing.


TUNING FORKS for Healing, made in USA, Vast Selection, Low Prices, Mathemathically preciseTuning Forks for Healing - Largest selection of low priced, high quality USA-made aluminum alloy tuning forks for healing. Recommended BooksBooks - our recommended books about Vibrational/Energy Medicine and more. Recommended MusicMusic - our recommended music for relaxation, meditation and healing.

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