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Golden 'C' Lithium Structured Water
1/2 oz. (15ml) - $22.00
Instructions & information included.

Golden 'C' Structured Lithium Water
a Liquid Concentrate


UPDATED 09-12-17


Note: no actual lithium is in the water.
Only the energetics of lithium & the other minerals
is contained in the water.
KEEP REFRIGERATED when not using
No therapeutic, drug or healing claims related to the physical body are made in the use of Golden 'C' Lithium Structured Water.

 Introduction ~ About Golden 'C' Water
Elemental Analysis ~ RESEARCH ~ Uses
How we make Golden 'C' Structured Water
Order ~
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Golden 'C' energized Water

Golden 'C' energized Tea

Energize a gallon of water
with just 12 drops.

1/2 oz. (15ml) Mother Water
makes 32 gallons of water!
Or add a single drop in a glass of drinking water, juice or tea. Stir and drink.

Golden 'C' Water Mist that clears negative energiesOr add a 1-2 drops to a spray-bottle filled with purified water, shake, and use the mist to clear negative energies around people, food, plants, rooms and more!

More uses

GOLDEN 'C' Lithium Structured Water

Golden 'C' Water dropletGOLDEN 'C' Lithium Structured Water is pure water infused with the energies of the Golden 'C' crystal, a very special & extremely rare stone mined near San Diego at the turn of the 20th century. The crystals are either pale violet or clear with inclusions of tiny golden threads and specks.

Golden 'C' is in the family of Spodumene, which includes Kunzite, Hiddenite and Tryphane (or Triphane). While it is classified as Kunzite when it is a pale violet color, or Tryphane when it is pale yellow or colorless, it is actually quite different in its elemental make-up from all the other crystals in the family of Spodumene.Golden 'C' Crystal

First, there is much more lithium in this stone than any other in the Spodumene family, and to my knowledge, it contains more lithium than any other stone on the planet - 35%. It also contains the rare signature secret element, gallium. Gallium, in combination with the high lithium content as well as beryllium, the family of high frequency crystals such as emeralds & aquamarine, Golden 'C' emits a signature one-of-a-kind healing energy.

There are many crystals in the market place being sold as Golden 'C', so buyers beware. These other stones are regular kunzite because they DO NOT have the high concentration of LITHIUM nor do they have the element of gallium in them. Therefore, they do not have the same healing properties as documented here.

Using an instrument to measure wavelengths of light, Holy Water from Lourdes, France registered 156,000 angstroms of light. Golden 'C' water registered 250,000 angstroms of light!

From a newspaper article in 1982, San Jose, California, gallium was being researched for new computer chip technology:
"Gallium is a very rare substance. It is neither metal nor non-metal. It is so rare that a three-inch wafer costs about $300 compared to $5 for a slice of silicon (quartz crystal). The secret of Gallium's speed is what chemists call its 'high electron mobility'. At a given voltage, gallium's electrons move seven times faster than those of silicon (quartz crystal). At its highest speed, gallium chips don't overheat or self-destruct as silicon chips do. Importantly, gallium chips only require 1% of the power that is required by a silicon chip".

As you can see from the elemental analysis below, Golden 'C' is similar in properties to the Coenzyme Q-10. CoQ10 is an essential nutrient for healthy body cells. Dis-ease/imbalance can occur when CoQ10 levels fall 25% below normal. At 75% CoQ10 deficiency, usually death occurs.

Since no more crystals are available for sale from the original mining in San Diego around the turn of the century, I am now making available for sale structured water personally made from my own collection of Golden 'C' crystals from the original San Diego mine. The water is so versatile & useful, and because water is a remarkable conductor of energy, results happen quickly. Spraying the water over anything clears it completely of negative energy.

"If I had to give up all my crystals and keep only one, this would be it."

Elemental Analysis

Golden 'C' Crystal
Twin Labs CoQ10
  • lithium (35%)
  • beryllium (61%)
  • gallium (4%)
  • lithium (23%)
  • beryllium (65%)
  • gallium (2%)
  • calcium44 (10%)

Golden 'C' has the most lithium content of any stone known at this time. It is the most powerful lithium stone available today. The Golden 'C' Lithium Structured Water created from this stone is equally as powerful and has many versatile uses. One of the main uses of Golden 'C' Lithium Structured Water is that is acts as a generator of negative ions. Disease exists when positive ions are present. Disease cannot exist in the presence of negative ions.

Research from:
* Lithium and Lithium Stones by Haroldine

ABC's of Crystals by Elaine Finster

Both books are out-of-print, but you may be able to find a used copy at this used/new book link.

  • aligns and balances chakras and merdians
  • balances and cleanses aura (mist over head & let fall all around the body to the feet)
  • acts as a negative ion generator
  • clears stressful emotions and negative thought forms
  • clears all negative energy WITHOUT SMOKE from crystals, food, rooms, people, pets & whatever you want to use it for
  • facilitates focus and clarity in work and play
  • eases stress
  • disperses anger
  • improves immune system
  • clears bed of nightmare energy and previous energy of dreams
  • improves mental concentration
  • facilitates deeper meditations
  • hydrates and soothes skin
  • creates environment for visionary dreams
  • clears and protects from electromagnetic pollution such as kitchen appliances, TV, microwave emissions from ovens & the environment, electrical clocks, stereos, high electrical wire lines, etc.
  • promotes mental focus and physical vitality
  • neutralizes negative or hateful thought forms
  • deodorizes breath and underarms
  • deodorizes refrigerators
  • deodorizes air in rooms
  • relieves colds, flu, throat pain and hoarseness
  • relieves allergies
  • soothes irritated or burned skin
  • reduces pain when directly applied to area
  • clears body and aura during healing work
  • anchors shifts of healing session & continues the clearing of all that has not been released
  • discharges "unwanted entities" and sends them to the Light
  • assists in bringing more healing light into the physical body and aura
  • pain relief
Uses of GOLDEN 'C'

There are two ways of using Golden 'C' Lithium Structured Water:

  1. Add a drop to purified water such as spring artesian, distilled or reverse osmosis and take internally, or add a drop to a cup of herbal tea.
  2. Add 1-2 drops to purified water such as spring artesian, distilled or reverse osmosis and use as a mist.

Golden 'C' energized WaterDrinking water with Golden 'C' Mother water clears your energy bodies from the inside out.

It also has been shown to improve the immune system. Testing has indicated that it helps to combat colds and flu symptoms as well as giving relief to most allergies, aches and pains.

Spray above your head and as the mist descends you are immediately surrounded with a golden aura of protection. According to a researcher, "This aligns your chakras, aura and merdians. It also balances the positive and negative ions around the body. The mist refreshes, relaxes and dissipates negativity while it builds up a positive force field by bringing in more healing light.

Taken internally or misted over the body, it is the perfect pick-me-up if one feels tired or loses the ability to concentrate.

By spraying the mist over a client for whom you have just performed a body rebalancing, it seals the new body alignment and adjustments.

Add a drop of the Mother Water to flower, gem and other essences to expand their energies and bring more light to them. Or simply spray over the container!

Bathing in Golden 'C' Water

Add to bath water with or without healing essential oils for clearing your body and energy field.

Soak crystals in the water to create gem elixirs with more light. (Be sure to use only gems, stones and crystals that are have no poisonous elements.)

Add to lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners and other cosmetics for hydration and creating a higher frequency for your skin and hair.

Spray mist on rashes, dry or burned skin for instant relief.

One researcher found that misting a room instantly dissipated the heaviness after arguments or disagreements. The room felt lighter, friendlier and more loving. She also reported that many people misted their office space to keep the "gloom & doom" of co-workers from bombarding their aura. It worked so well, that even their co-workerGolden 'C' Water revitalizes plantss felt better.

Massage Therapists & Chiropractors have reported feeling more energy at the end of the day simply by putting a dish of the water under the table, or misting themselves in between clients.

Water plants with a dilution and watch them thrive. Mist the leaves occasionally to keep them green and vital.

There are reports that gargling with a Mother Water dilution softens plaque on teeth.

A researRinsing in Golden 'C' Watercher found that spraying the mist on the skin before and after a shower reduced chlorine intake and dry, flaky skin.

Spraying a bit of the mist in the mouth quenches thirst and relieves throat from over-speaking, hoarseness or any kind of throat pain.

The mist freshens and clears bedding and night clothing from the nights dreams and thought forms.

How we make GOLDEN 'C' Structured Water

We begin making Golden 'C' Structured Water by using the formula given to us by the original researchers of the Golden 'C' crystal.

We then take the process to a new levels of alchemical creation using SACRED GEOMETRY:

First, the Golden 'C' crystal is placed in a ceramic container and filled with pure distilled or spring water. The crystal is allowed to remain in the water in a completely dark and quiet space for a minimum of 24 hours.  It is also placed precisely within a special Copper Pyramid with exact angles of Egypt's Khufu (Great) pyramid, specially designed to have the exact Sacred Geometry to create a Pillar of Light Jacob's Ladder vortex. It is also charged with a Genesa copper crystal, Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba) and 3-D Star. It is finally toned with specific Kabbalah tuning forks. The room in which this is done contains hundreds of other crystals and gems as well as many sacred objects.

Second, we then drain the water and pour it into Violet Glass bottles, which are shown to not only preserve the Golden 'C' Structured Water, but also energize it.

The process using Sacred Geometry and Sacred Sound
creates unlimited possibilities for using Golden 'C' Structured Water.
Let your creative imagination find new uses for this very special water!
Here are some ideas for creating Vibrational remedies.

Place a drop or two to distilled or spring water and:

  • Put water into a crystal bowl and tone the bowl's sound into the diluted water.
  • Create your own crystal water by adding your special crystal to the diluted water. CAUTION: some crystals are toxic, even poisonous, and cannot be touched or fumes breathed, let alone putting them directly in the water. DO NOT put any stone containing ARSENIC, ANTIMONY, MERCURY, TELLURIUM, SELENIUM, THALIUM, or any radioactive mineral such as URANIUM and THORIUM in water! i.e. Cinnabar, Chalcanthite, Realgar and Orpiment. POISONOUS and TOXIC stones can be placed next to the container of water to charge the water, but be sure to keep them in a sealed air-tight container at all times. Always consult a book on rocks and minerals to determine the contents of the stone. IF IN DOUBT, DON'T PUT THE STONE DIRECTLY IN WATER.
  • Place the stem end of an activated tuning fork to the Golden 'C" bottle or container filled with the diluted water.
  • Beam color light into clear glass filled with the the diluted water.
Golden 'C'
Lithium Structured Water

is contained in
Violet Glass bottles.
These bottles not only preserve the energy like no other glass container,
they also potentize the energies of Golden 'C' Structured Water.


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Anyone suffering from any condition, disease, illness or injury should always consult a Physician.

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