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Crystalline Alchemy™

UPDATED 02-23-16


Crystalline Alchemy™ was co-developed by Anne Christine Tooley and Lynne Ann Kogut in 1994-95. It is a highly advanced transmutational healing system that creates cosmic pipelines known as Pillars of Light. Crystalline Alchemy™ is based entirely on the ancient mystery traditions.

The process uses specific vibrational tools to pattern energetic gridworks & mandalas based on Sacred Geometry, in a structured protocol, opening one to a pristine, uninterrupted channel of vortex energy to all the higher dimensional realities.

Crystalline Alchemy™ creates multi-dimensional Pillars of Light that connects one to the highest universal Light, creating a path of accelerated growth & evolution. Crystalline Alchemy™ works with all levels of being, all dimensions and all time frequencies.

When you receive this work, you are clearing all old patterns and restoring with new Light patterns. This happens not only for you and all your time lines, but for every one in your genetic lineages in the past, present and future!

The result is a rapid opening, healing & purification of the energetic body via a bath of Divine Light and deepest Peace. The process allows for accelerated growth and evolution, preparing and assisting one on their personal path of ascension.

Some of the vibrational tools used are:

In the Crystalline Alchemy™ system, Sacred Geometric structures are created in multiple ways using several vibrational tools, one of which is color. The colors used are the colors for each of the points in the most sacred pattern of the Star of David, Mogen David or Seal of Solomon. The color structure is gridded around and on an individual and left there for a short period of time.

The process begins with the densest levels of the individual, and upon subsequent sessions, the next levels are addressed in a progressive protocol. The experience is a rapid, yet gentle opening over time of not only the PEMS bodies - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual - but also of the supraspiritual.

No harm can be done with Crystalline Alchemy™. Each person's Earthly self and Higher self regulate the rate at which clearing and opening occurs.

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