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Color Violet
For millennia
VIOLET has been used by the Master Teachers and Healers to facilitate transmutation (ALCHEMY), for it is that part of the Light where the potential for the Spirit Self and Body Self to operate in the One Life is made manifest. VIOLET then, is the point where "Heavenly" consciousness (one and a half parts blue) and "Earthly" consciousness (one and a half parts red) meet at the 7th chakra station - aptly called "The Crown Chakra".

Therefore, VIOLET is the channel for true balance, facilitating keeping one's "feet on the ground (Earth)" - while the "head remains in Heaven". This is the bringing of Heaven to Earth - the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius - where the love of Brotherhood is expressed through service to the Divine Blueprint.

On the path of the Seeker, one passes through the healing Green of an open Heart Chakra where the promise of rebirth and renewal into the One has been sealed and all karma can now be resolved. When the next chakra (Blue) opens, transition through the door to the Godhead is made manifest. It is here that Hope is strengthened into Faith and Thinking transitioned to Knowing. To move through the Blue Rays and into VIOLET, absolute Trust and Surrender (childlike innocence) are demanded. The VIOLET FLAME OF TRANSMUTATION burns all negativity and absolves any remaining karma, and this change in physical chemistry enables Nirvana - Cosmic Consciousness - an understanding of all that ever was and all that ever will be. Form becomes a LIVING RAINBOW - CONSCIOUS POTENTIAL that is capable of accepting, holding and directing the full spectrum of Light with Creative Intent.

The colour
VIOLET and its opposite colour, Gold/Yellow, are the two colours of Easter. Semantically, this represents the transmutation or "Ascension" of the body of "The Wise One" (Gold) - The Christ.

To this day the VIOLET robes and religious ceremonial garments of Kings, Queens, Priests and Saints symbolize spiritual leadership, wisdom and service to the masses. Medals such as the Purple Heart, and formal brotherhoods such as The Order of the Royal Purple further demonstrate the use of the colour VIOLET to indicate spiritual service from within as well as healing. Such is the case with the sainted healer, Saint Germain - Master of the Violet Ray - of whom it is said could turn lead into Gold with his alchemical knowledge and understanding of the higher Universal Laws.

Symbolically then, VIOLET represents closure of the "earthly issues" while simultaneously opening to the Etheric Body. It is this alchemical process which makes new growth and Atonement - AT-ONE-MENT possible.

Attraction to
VIOLET is indicative of an individual that is seeking the recognition and realization of why they are alive (incarnated) into a body - their Life Purpose. Conversely, having an issue with this colour shows spiritual attachment and not being comfortable with the dense vibrational ties to the Earth. This creates consistent difficulties with remaining grounded, and such a person usually carries deeply seated resentments about "having to be here". Without consciously healing their VIOLET issues, the challenge will compound until it is almost impossible to live in the present.

What Earthly good is a "saint" who can't or won't get involved in Earthly matters? A person challenged in VIOLET will mainly be preoccupied with self contemplation and meditation, but they can't or won't take action. Consequently, the outstanding contribution that could be made to Humanity and the ensuing service to Life never takes place. This difficulty with the material side of life and other mundane matters almost always leads to a continuous state of malaise and depression. VIOLET may also indicate that a person has recently suffered a great personal loss and is using the colour intuitively to cope with their grief.

The potential of
VIOLET is resolution and communication between Body and Soul. It is the only harmonic within the visible Light Spectrum that is high enough to utilize the specific Transmutational Laws that create the channels of access to our Etheric Realms and above.

Openness to VIOLET is knowing and being in that Truth, and total Trust in the intuition and guidance it provides. It is also the Willingness to ACT ON that Trust with complete Faith. This brings the Grace to surrender our Will to The Big Picture, for the "Old Soul" recognizes itself as part of Source, and is willing to accept the role it is being asked to play (service). In this "I AM" state, one finally achieves that which we have aspired to become on the physical level - by name - a HUE-(WOMB)MAN BE-ING".

A mental body balanced in
VIOLET is richly imaginative and inventive - seemingly able to pull obscure solutions "out of thin air". When the VIOLET chakra is open an individual is receptive to transformations of mind and attitude, and always willing to do the right thing for the cause or the needs of the many, even if it denotes a personal sacrifice.

When one is blocked or stuck in VIOLET, they are too contemplative and often times unrealistic and impractical. The tendency to fantasize, meditate or simply think too much and too deeply, can lead to "analysis paralysis" and extreme absent-mindedness.

promotes inner calmness and mental peace, and is very useful for revealing and treating hidden anger. VIOLET is capable of the highest ecstasy - however, as the pendulum swings the other way - it can be the Herald of grief or the required "treatment" for grief. Acting like a martyr, feigned or assumed suffering and general pity parties are all VIOLET issues. Without the maturity or courage to look at these issues and heal them, persons can become escapists through any manner of addictions, but in particular drugs and alcohol.

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