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Color Indigo Royal Blue
The tertiary colour
ROYAL BLUE is made manifest at the convergence of Violet and Blue within the Light Spectrum. In other colour systems that acknowledge Black, this portion or Ray within the Light Spectrum is otherwise known as Indigo. As pure white Light does not contain the colour Black, the Aura-Soma Colour System only concerns itself with the true primary, secondary, and tertiary colours.

ROYAL BLUE is the colour of the 6th chakra - often referred to as the Ajna Chakra or "Third Eye" - partly because of its position over the Pineal Gland and between the brows, and partly because of it's association to paranormal "vision" - seeing beyond the capability of the eyes. Whereas Blue is the colour of transition - "the door to the other side" - ROYAL BLUE, IS the "other side". It is the colour of "synthesis" - which is the act of assembling "seemingly" separate - unrelated criteria into a complete or whole understanding. This translates through the human consciousness as KNOWING - but not knowing how you know.

Unlike spontaneous phenomena, this side of our psyche, gives conscious accessibility to our super sensory perception, and opens us to our true potential and Birthright - The Realm of the Sixth Senses. This access to "seeing" clearly all that there is to "see", enables accurate and powerful decisions. Further, it clears the way to put action behind what has been decided, eliminating all resistance in its way.

Through ROYAL BLUE, access to the Sixth Senses: clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience is made possible. We learn to "see" in all levels of Light and reveal that which has been previously hidden. Whether one is male or female, the structure of ROYAL BLUE allows that all important connection to our female side and the most exquisite form of deep wisdom - feminine intuition. The information contained within the Light code of this pristine and elegant colour is : "Knowing why one is here".

The Third Eye is like the evening sky when the stars first start appearing. Without this backdrop of contrast, that which was there all the time is not visible to our "normal" senses.
ROYAL BLUE in action is being able to "see right through someone or something", it is knowing without knowing how you know.

The robes of magis, wizards and prophets such as Merlin and Nostradamus are portrayed in the artworks of the Masters as ROYAL BLUE, indicating their ability to go beyond the normal realms of understanding and utilize powers of "seeing" that have nothing to do with the limitations of our physical eyesight. Gold, which is the opposite or complimentary colour to ROYAL BLUE was often depicted either as trim on their clothing, or the base metal of their sceptres and wands. This further emphasized the subliminal suggestion of the great wisdom and power these great Masters' were capable of wielding.

The real emphasis here is clear perception inside and outside of ones self. Understanding and embracing the psychic connection or doorway/portal that leads to the supramundane (also referred to as Angelic Realms). Further it is having the courage and commitment to step through that portal of the psyche and live your belief, trust and knowing. When one becomes adept at this process, neutrality, objectivity and acceptance become the norm, as all sides of an issue are visible.

When you have integrated the energies of
ROYAL BLUE which at this point in our evolutionary history is quite an accomplishment, the "Third Eye" functions at will harmoniously. You can grasp the Big Picture and create a thorough understanding from many diverse fragments. When not in balance, it is because a determined intellect is standing in the way, although one believes in a lot of cases that true intuition is active. This leads to self aggrandizement, and deluded behavior based on sheer illusion and fantasy. Such is the plight of many souls who mistakingly believe they "get it". Realistically speaking, many boldly talk the talk as opposed to walk the walk - which sees them brandished with many unflattering labels that indirectly cast dispersions and levity on New Aeon beliefs and pursuits in general.

This delusion is the "flip-side" of ROYAL BLUE. Prolonged and stubborn resistance to seeing things as the really are, leads to behavior bordering on unrealistic idealism. This eventually causes partial if not whole separation from reality. The ensuing result is an extreme issue with authority (everyone else is wrong - but I am O.K.).

Just because we want to WAKE-UP and know that it is possible, this alone doesn't make it so. The one third Red in the
ROYAL BLUE is about coming to grips with the potential for awakening within ourselves. By dropping our insecurities about material (tangible) matters, and trusting in what we can't see - the "still small voice" becomes proof alone that there is something else - something visible to our "higher" or supramundane sensitivities.

Without a disciplined mind, ROYAL BLUE expresses as an almost Utopian view of the Cosmos. Pursuit of mysticism becomes something special - something out of the ordinary - something for a few privileged souls. Nothing could smack of more illusion than a falsehood like this. Everyone has the capability to reach these senses and the potential contained within them. ROYAL BLUE is ISP - Intra Sensory Perception not to be confused with the falsely labeled commodity ESP - Extra Sensory Perception - which implies one has to be specially gifted. The only gift one requires, can be given to oneself. That is the honouring of self and what self says spontaneously the first time. Why didn't I listen to myself the first time? This is the message and potential of ROYAL BLUE.

facilitates the communication of one's deepest feelings as well as involved abstract concepts. It balances one's personal motivations, perceptions and expectations, as well as the tendency to vacillate. As such, when tough calls or decisions need to made, meditate with ROYAL BLUE.

Extremes challenges with mental confusion, disorganization, power-seeking and superiorty may all be released by working with the Ray of ROYAL BLUE.

The lesson for the emotional side of
ROYAL BLUE is to master the extreme BLUES and the subsequent tendency to feel ALONE - and rather to convert ALONENESS to ALL-ONENESS. In this state of reverence, severe isolation and depression are no longer factors that plague and bog down the psyche. One is grounded through the Red that ROYAL BLUE contains, and does not suffer from feelings of detachment and aloofness.

The pre-cursor isolative emotions that are positively realigned with the energies contained within ROYAL BLUE are remorse, regret, and conceit which when carried to extremes expresses as totaltarianism.

Azurite, Blue Sapphire, Lapis lazuli, Covellite, Tanzanite, Sodalite, Linarite

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