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Color Red
There is not an artist, paint company, or school teacher in the world, that wouldn't vehemently argue that
RED is the first of three Primary Colours. However, there is strong evidence to suggest that this is not so! To pursue the truth, it is necessary to acknowledge the phenomenon of colour as opposed to theory about colour.

Aura-Soma shares the view of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, artist, director, philosopher, scientist and author of several circa 1770 -1810 German masterworks including, Faust and his classic colour treatise "Theory of Colours". Through countless duplicable experiments, Goethe substantiated the existence of only two primary colours - Blue and Yellow.

Goethe was aware of the fact that the mixture of Blue and Yellow to make RED does not function with colour pigments, crayons or paints. The combination only works with pure white light! When light is passed through a clear glass containing a pure bright green oil, at the exact place where the light penetrates the oil, one will see a RED of the same intensity !

This colour premise, has to do with duality, which plays the most important role in Life in general, in the spiritual domain (yin/yang, for example), and in Aura-Soma. The Equilibrium Bottles are based on duality; two colours hand poured one over the other; above is a layer of oil and below is a layer of water. The above layer represents the Personality Ray, and the below layer represents the Soul Ray of the person who chooses a particular bottle as his/her favourite.

, the first colour to emerge on the Visible Light spectrum, is the longest of the visible colour rays. To "feel" what some of the possible attributes of RED might be, one could use the analogy of ocean waves. The short and subtle waves that flick at your toes on the beach, are violet, the shortest visible light waves, while the long, powerful waves that set the great tidal cycles (the heartbeat) of the oceans and seas, could be likened to the colour RED.

RED then, is about power, energy and the Life-force itself. As the first colour to emerge, it speaks to creation and it's structure - the physical - or material side of life. RED is the colour of Christmas, gifts of money are placed in RED envelopes by many Eastern cultures, and we speak of "painting the town RED", all of which indicate materialism, spending and/or abundance.

As the colour of materialism and the base chakra (feet to pubic bone), it represents the connection to our Mother Earth - and the physical "grounding" of one's own energies. As such, the tie-in to the Aboriginal cultures acknowledging "the good RED Earth", actually pertains to the life "blood" of the planet, and speaks to our most fundamental issue on the physical (Earth) level - "survival".

RED primarily symbolizes all aspects of the base emotions and survival issues. The RED Coats, wave the RED flag or cape, "seeing" RED, the RED Robes of Cardinals and traffic stop lights for example; are all synonymous with either danger, warnings, control, anger, aggression, war (warrior energy), courage, protection, valour or loyalty.

As the colour of the "root" or first chakra, RED speaks to fertility and sexual/procreative issues. Symbolically, we use RED roses and Valentines to indicate our passion or love, the RED Cross to demonstrate brotherly love and unity, and in the case of physical love and where to get it, we refer to a RED light district.

An imbalance or block in the 1st chakra can result in selfishness vs. selflessness, and an inordinate amount of emphasis being placed on the acquisition of material goods and money. These and other "hidden" survival issues could even be the result of a difficult birth during which the "fabric" of one's Etheric energies was torn or damaged in some way. This is called Etheric Gaping - visible in Kirilian photography - and it prevents the ability for one's Life-force to flow correctly. A gap in
RED would make it very difficult to keep these powerhouse energies grounded - and grounded they must be! Often a physical clue will present itself, so if the sciatic nerve (money issues) is flaring up on either side of the body, pay attention and work with RED.

One might have a subconscious tendency toward giving all their personal and psychic power away. This action, often mistaken for "Sacrificial Love", can express as "Poverty Consciousness" and extreme sexual behavior (looking for love in all the wrong places/chakra). To move beyond physical love and experience "true love" which is unconditional, more light must be added to the RED. This creates a new potential, and that is the colour Pink.

The flip-side of the extreme is using the charisma and magnetic qualities of RED to beguile, control and manipulate others and circumstances to your advantage, in other words "something for nothing". Remember: symbolically speaking, this is the colour of the Devil, who is usually depicted in scenarios of this nature.

as the first visible colour, is the Creator's "invitation", urge and promise for spiritual awakening in a physical form. As the hottest ray, RED can be likened to the ability of a blazing flame or fire, to either purify or transubstantiate (change something from one form to another).

This is the metaphor contained within the semantic ritual known as the Eucharist, which transubstantiates bread and wine into the body and blood of The Christ. Before one can move on to actualize all the creative potential contained within the full spectrum of White light, it is first necessary to be cleansed in the purifying flame (RED) of the Holy Spirit. RED is the Ray of the great Master - The Christ, who has been graphically depicted for millennia as either having a RED heart or burning flame exposed over the Heart Chakra. It is interesting to note, that even in many of the Eastern cultures, there is reference to fire where the 1st chakra is concerned - hence the names "Dragon" Chakra and "Fire" Chakra.

To rise above the physical desires of the body and the earth body (materialism), means to pull the Life-force through RED and on into the higher frequencies/chakras. This the phoenix rising out of the ashes - the transubstantiation - the metaphoric "trial by fire". The promise is re-birth at all levels of being, which is essentially a Life everlasting. Therefore, mundane (earthly) and material concerns which are all RED issues, are no longer of any concern.

as the first visible ray to emerge, makes the statement "I AM". This demonstrates the genesis of the RED issue referred to as "having a will to power" - or willpower. This is about either the need to compete, dominate or otherwise hold yourself in authority ...or when balanced, having the personal strength and power (courage) to take the lead if required.

This colour has the affect of holding people and situations at a distance, therefore it is extremely protective in an isolated way. If you are seeking separation or detachment, or are making an effort to ground yourself so that you may focus more objectively on a situation, this colour is your greatest ally. If a change of any sort is needed and you wish to kick-start the process, energize with RED. Interestingly enough, RED is the most widely used colour for the interior furnishings of low-end restaurants, casino buffets and fast-food chains, because it has been statistically proven that people will eat and leave faster when surrounded by RED.

This is the colour of spontaneity (the spark), awareness and concentration of mental energy, so if one is already out of sync with oneself for any reason, RED will create chaos, stress and negative detachment.

The terms Hot-Blooded, indicative of extreme passions and sexual behaviors, and Hot-Headed, indicating quick to anger or become violent (seeing "
RED"); both find their roots in the colour RED. This colour's energies must be allowed to flow in the right way, otherwise challenges are created. When in balance, RED personifies and enhances love of self, brother and home, for the extremes have been "cooled down". Through the self-disciplined application of temperance, moderation, patience and an honest desire and willingness to serve and make personal sacrifices of one's time and talents, one can realize sacrificial love and emotional harmony in the 1st chakra.

Lack of balance in this already excited energy, will cause things to appear as not happening "fast enough". This can result in a "flare-up" of competitiveness, resentment, frustration or foolhardy heroics (daring vs. courage). Further, the unbalanced RED is usually quick to verbally communicate, often putting their emotions in gear, before their brain is engaged. This extends to embarrassment oftentimes to the point of being RED faced (blushing).

It is best to avoid this colour if one is already having a negatively emotional day, for this is not the colour of peace, negotiation or apologies.

Red Agate, Bloodstone (Red Jasper), Hematite, Garnet, Ruby, Pyrite, Mahogany Obsidian, Red Carnelian, Copper, Strawberry Quartz

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