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Color Coral
The colour
CORAL has been identified by the Masters among us as the "New Christ Ray". It resides between Red and Orange at the point of cross-over, and is comprised of 2 parts Red and 1 part Yellow. It is called a tertiary colour and is the first Ray on the newly emerging chakra row, which runs right and parallel to the main Kundalini stem.

This second Chakra row is now manifest in those souls who have acknowledged and holistically integrated their spiritual selves.

As the "first rung" in the secondary "Chakra Ladder" making peace with CORAL is the First Element of evolvement to an illumined consciousness - that is - being able to love ourselves. This is the "true wisdom of love" and as such, is the long awaited awakening of the Christ Consciousness within us.

CORAL is enabled through the Laws of Nature to grow and flourish in our oceans and seas - but can only do so by giving up its individuality and attaching to another piece of the whole. In this respect, CORAL is representative of the community or Global/Humanitarian consciousness. CORAL grows close to the surface, and therefore is reaching up to the sun (kinetic energy) - the Source - The Light. Just like the CORAL reef, as your ability to expand without ego is honed, then "giving up" individuality and embracing "inter-dependability" becomes possible. This is the reach for the Light.

For thousands of years, Mystics and Holy persons of many cultures have worn CORAL/SAFFRON robes, in an effort to support their quest for an awakening of their "Bhudda or Spiritual Body". Thereby there is a transcendence of self, and a unification with the One.

If you have a real affinity or conversely a real dislike of the colour
CORAL, then you are either severely blocked or stuck in CORAL issues, or you have totally resolved your CORAL issues. The first issue is unrequited love or love that you are not declaring and keeping to yourself.

The second issue has to do with a pervasive feeling of vulnerability. The one part yellow portion of the CORAL can indicate a deep fear of being abandoned, and cowardliness towards acknowledging and dealing with this fear. Seeking approval to belong, one tends to go along with the status quo - however emotionally painful, because the "fear of loss" is greater. The ensuing result is one of feeling used, manipulated or trapped. This out of control state usually has it roots in the first issue - that being affairs of the heart.

as a blend of red and orange (yellow and red), transcends 1st and 2nd Chakra issues such as misdirected sexual energy, competitiveness and survival (material issues). By raising, or transcending this Kundalini, we bring this energy through the higher Chakras in a creative and responsible way. This awakens the "Buddha Body", and in this renunciation of the lower worldly energies, we reach Nirvana or blissful insight.

An aversion to
CORAL indicates a pre-occupation with self-analysis and a tendency to project qualities and values identified in that self-analysis onto others. This may lead to struggles with stubborn independence due to attachment to our old ways and extreme competitiveness - both born out of fear of belonging, and fear that there isn't enough to go around (all red issues). Extreme reactions to CORAL are making co-dependency and dependency problems visible. Accepting and becoming comfortable with the CORAL Ray, heals this behavior and leads to a sense of community, brotherhood and team oriented cooperation. It is through this acquired Trust, that true abundance is possible, as one starts to tap into the creativity of the right brain and access deeply transcending wisdom.

An acceptance or real fondness for
CORAL indicates resolution in all relationships or the ability to discern where resolution is needed and deal with it. The two parts red contained within CORAL attribute great protection. Further, the one part yellow lends the mental acuity to reason with sense, so in this respect CORAL is a wonderful colour to have around you when you sense protection from and/or an awareness of dishonest people or situations is needed. (Victims of child abuse would be well served to work with the colour CORAL.)

Conversely, a dislike of CORAL is showing you unresolved relationships and the inability to accept and give joy because of it. The promise of making peace with CORAL is that it will deliver one into an understanding of ALL-ONENESS versus ALONE-NESS, and in this state of comfort and security, we can safely be spontaneous and therefore in the moment - present.

Coral (all shades), Peach Calcite, Rose quartz, Peach Onyx

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