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Color Blue

The 5th Chakra colour on the main Khundalini stem,
BLUE is the first of the colours to emerge on the cool part of the light spectrum. Through time and the revered teachings of the Ancients, their cultures and Great Mystery Schools, BLUE has come to be known as the colour of transition - "the door to the other side". It has been acknowledged then, as the way that opens the door to the first of the Realms beyond the base energies of our physical and intellectual perception of ourselves.

Ironically, the colour BLUE was the last colour to become visible to the ever evolving Human eye; and yet, it is the first Primary Colour, from which all other colours are made possible.

BLUE then, provides the first possible level of access to our "subtle senses" - the potential and promise of connection and two way communication with Source, in a physical thinking form. BLUE is that part of of the Light that affords Divine protection, as observed in the expression "I AM THE WAY AND THE TRUTH - AND THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE". As such, BLUE is a call to Trust - total Faith in the right outworking of the Universal BLUE PRINT. It is the colour of Divine communication made manifest, and more importantly, the ensuing PEACE this process facilitates. This is why BLUE is the colour of the Negotiator - the one that can see and communicate both sides of an issue. "The PEACE that passeth all understanding".

In every day speech, we consistently indicate our inherent understanding of the rich personality, purpose and promise of the colour
BLUE. When we wish to emphasize the honesty and integrity within another we refer to them as TRUE BLUE.

When we refer to a sudden windfall, or a humanly unexplainable change in a given situation, we say that it happened OUT OF THE BLUE - meaning that the causal force was "beyond" anything visible or predictable - literally out of the Heavens. The great Masters such as De Vinci and Michaelangelo, always depicted the Mother Mary in BLUE robes - symbolic of her connection to the Angelic Realms and the Godhead.

Further, the arcane expression BLUE BLOOD, used to describe a Royal or Aristocratic authoritarian, indicates "special - untouchable" - therefore "totally protected". Consider our propensity to formally uniform our peace and law enforcement personnel in the colour BLUE. It is a modern day substantiation that we do subtly understand how to make visible those that we have entrusted to protect us, and uphold the most highly esteemed of our values - integrity and honesty.

If you currently have a good representation of
BLUE around you vis á vis clothing, car, wall color or furniture, chances are, that you have - or are well underway - with the process of acknowledging and trusting in a plan for humankind - and that FAITH in it, is a real and powerful commodity! You are able to verbally express what you think with real candor, and you are likely quite comfortable with the opinions, viewpoints and belief systems of others.

Women attracted to and comfortable with BLUE have solidly integrated the male side of their psyche. Conversely in men, a predisposition to BLUE, or an over abundance of it is probably a clue that they should have a look at their lack of willingness to look at or acknowledge and honour their female side - or for that matter the women around them that matter the most. Further, this pre-occupation with BLUE could be mirroring a hidden or major problematic area with the male parent. In extreme cases this could extrapolate to a complete disrespect for authority altogether.

BLUE issues to the extreme, can lead to a total rejection of Source. This detachment expresses in the early stages as aloofness - coldness and unpredictable moodiness, depression and isolation. If one does not take steps to heal it, the dishonesty expressing to Self becomes a dominant pattern of deception with others as well.

The promise contained within
BLUE is the connection it facilitates with Divine knowledge of the cosmic blueprint or plan. In this instance, the colour is a metaphor for the Heavenly Father and when we connect to the hands of Creator we support and encourage the Creator/Artist in ourselves.

BLUE is the colour of Archangel Michael and Krishna, as well as the Dharmakaya. In this respect, its power to transition, has long been associated with purification by water (Baptism) and as the colour of birth and death (protection). In the most ancient of cultures and wisdom schools, it is BLUE that is used to facilitate Rites of Spiritual Passage.

On this level,
BLUE encourages willingness, as opposed to willfulness (a yellow issue), and a strong respect and support of those in positions of authority and leadership. It assists in situations where diplomacy or negotiation skills are required, and will attribute a great deal of peace and serenity to the general surroundings if incorporated into the colour scheme or one's clothing.

Having BLUE present in situations that require honesty, forthrightness or directness is indicative of a true understanding of the power of this colour. It has been a long standing fact, that most successful trial lawyers present their final arguments, statements and summaries wearing the colour BLUE, as it "mysteriously" imparts integrity and authority to what they are saying, and increases the trust level of those listening.

draws attention to the problematic father as well as and conversely, the nurturing mother. However, protection is offered in all forms with this colour as its qualities let supportive and helpful energies in. (Unlike the isolative protection of Red).

A need to heal with the colour BLUE will usually result in the state of dis-"ease" called THE BLUES. It is in the BLUE that the false state of detachment that leads to ALONE-NESS versus ALL-ONE-NESS, will be shown. This is the separation from Source or loss of FAITH discussed earlier.

Blue Turquoise, Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Covellite, Azurite, Blue Topaz, Angelite, Anhydrite, Blue Lace Agate, Celestite, Kyanite, Sodalite, Blue Calcite, Rainbow Moonstone, Chalcedony, Richterite

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