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The Art of Resonance with Presence

When I first read the renowned book "Vibrational Medicine" by Richard Gerber, M.D" in 1991, I thought I understood what Vibrational Healing really was. And now, after many years of education, personal research and private practice, I am still just beginning to understand what it is all about.

In Dr. Gerber's book, he clearly and thoroughly describes Vibrational Medicine as the science of sensing and interfacing with energy. According to Einstein's model, energy is the "stuff" that all living things are made of, from human beings and animals to plants and crystals. Even your plastic shampoo bottle is made of energy! Everything is energy and energy vibrates at particular frequencies. Some energies move more quickly and at a higher frequency and some slower and at a lower frequency. This is all scientific and measurable.

Energy consists not only as a particular cell at the atomic level, but also as fields of energy, which is likened to a "group" of energies. For example, all bones are made up of a particular vibrational frequency, as are all organs, and all fluids in the body. Refining that even further, there is a particular frequency for the femur, the heart, and blood. And refining this even further, a particular frequency for bone marrow, cardiac muscle, and blood plasma... You get my point.

And, going outward, we can say that each individual human resonates at a particular frequency or vibration, as does the human energy field around the physical body. And beyond that, the human species, every planet, every solar system, every galaxy, etc. The microcosm and the macrocosm are made of the same "stuff" and mirror each other. "As above, so below" said the Egyptian Hermes Trismegistus. This is the holographic principle.

Vibrational frequencies can be seen in visible form by a process called Cymatics. When sand is scattered on a steel disc and a violin is played near the disc, round symmetrical patterns are produced in the sand. Each musical note produces a unique mandala pattern in the sand. Vibrational frequency is also perceivable with sound. When "C" is toned on a piano or other stringed instrument, every other stringed instrument nearby will begin to vibrate and tone all of their "C" strings. Both of these examples illustrate the principle of resonance. Resonance is when one form transmits information and another form receives that information and transforms itself to become the same vibrational frequency.

In fact, all matter perceives vibration and will resonate and attune themselves with like frequencies. From every cell to every galaxy, each form has a frequency of balance and health. So when any form is out of balance and health, and it perceives a vibration that it resonates with, it will immediately begin vibrating to the same frequency. This is Vibrational Healing.

Now, this is when it gets really interesting, because there are so many ways to resonate form into a state of balance and health. The tools typically used in Vibrational Healing are those that can precisely attune to a specific frequency and therefore vibration. Those include at the most basic level color, light and sound. But that's for next month's article. What I really want to talk about is the art of Presence.

In truth, since everything is energy, then anything can be used as a tool for Vibrational Healing. What I have learned over the years is that healing is the act and result of resonance and that resonating to a particular vibration requires the communication of information between two forms. As a practitioner, healing occurs at the deepest level when I become the vibrational tool. In other words, the real tool is not external at all, but comes from within.

When I become centered, still, peaceful and receptive, I vibrate these frequencies. The information my body and being transmits is health and balance. Anything nearby, or even at a distance with focused intention, is invited to receive the signal of "centeredness, stillness, peacefulness and receptivity", and vibrate accordingly. My effectiveness as a "healer" is only as good as my ability to vibrate these frequencies. Any external tool I might use in and of itself is only as effective as I am at being the "state of balance". This state of balance is what I call Presence. And when I maintain Presence, the frequency of any external tool I use is amplified and becomes even more effective.

Presence, however, is not just a skill helpful to health practitioners. It is a discipline that can benefit the daily life of you and others. It requires stilling the mind and letting go of the past and future simultaneously. What results is joyful living in every moment. It is the place where children live, where every new experience is embraced with childlike curiosity and wonder. It can bring joy and ecstasy in living, and often healing within you and those around you.

I highly recommend taking time to explore the art of Presence. I have learned what I know thus far mostly from meditation, and my training and experiences as a health practitioner. There are numerous other ways to learn, such as any of the martial arts, yoga, t'ai chi, chi kung, fly fishing, running! Who knows what beautiful, creative ways you will find to express this for yourself! Explore! And from my heart, I wish you a joyous adventure.


Vibrational Medicine
by Richard Gerber, M.D.

The consummate book on vibration and resonance healing! This classic, first published in 1988, gives detailed information on crystal healing, therapeutic touch, chakras, acupuncture, flower essences, gem elixirs, psychic healing, and much more. An abundance of illustrations, a fine glossary, and an extensive reading list, round out this very special book. This is a book I pull out as a reference all the time!

Chapters are:

  1. Of Holograms, Energy & Vibrational Medicine: An Einsteinian View of Living Systems
  2. Newtonian vs. Einsteinian Medicine: Historical Perspectives on the Art & Science of Healing
  3. The Earliest Beginnings of Medical Energetic Approaches: The Birth of Vibrational Medicine
  4. Frequency Domains & the Subtle Planes of Matter: An Introduction to Human Multidimensional Anatomy
  5. Subtle Energy Systems & Their Relevance to Ancient Approaches Toward Healing
  6. New Windows on an Unseen World: The Development of Subtle Energetic Technologies
  7. The Evolution of Vibrational Medicine: Learning to Heal with the Wisdom of Nature
  8. The Phenomenon of Psychic Healing: Exploring the Evidence for an Undiscovered Human Potential
  9. Crystals & The Human Subtle Energetic System: The Rediscovery of an Ancient Healing Art
  10. The Interconnecting Web of Life: Our Relationship with the Chakras
  11. Holistic Healing & Paradigm Shifts: The Emergence of Medicine for the New Age
  12. Personal & Planetary Evolution: Vibrational Healing & Its Implications for an Evolving Humanity

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