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How to Create Peace

At the new dawn of the unprecedented time of our Earth's journey, we as the human species are moving and evolving at rocket speed along side our dear Mother Gaia! I can tell you MY life is moving at rocket speed!

My dear friend Maya sent her "channeled" message on New Year's Day, which reminded me of what is most important, not only at this miraculous time on Earth, but for the unfoldment of each of us individually and collectively. (Check here soon for a link to Maya's message.)

It is of utmost importance now to understand that the only way the planet and all the living beings in, on and around Her can move into Peace, is to embrace peace within our self. (See RECOMMENDED BOOK at the end of this newsletter.)

It is in the daily, minute by minute choice to embrace peace within our self, that peace will manifest external to our self. That external manifestation IS happening at this very moment! The more we stay in our center and embrace the joy and beauty around us.... the more we are in a state of gratitude and awe.... the faster this manifestation will take place!

When a critical mass of the human kingdom has mastered this simple (and yet not so simple) task of choosing peace, the collective unconscious of the entire human species will shift and the planet and all of Her beings will move into the 5th dimension of the Aquarian Age.

So how do we make this choice moment by moment?

It is a simple choice, but not always so easy. It requires discipline and an act of perpetual self-awareness. It requires a constant "letting go" of the past in order to be able to live in the "moment".

When we are met with events that bring emotions of sadness or anger, it is easy to slip out of our open hearts and contract into past feelings of fear. Even though it is absolutely essential that we allow and welcome all of our feelings, we must also realize when we are reacting versus responding.

Reaction is usually based on fear from the past.
Response is usually based on love in the moment.

When we stay in the present moment and are presented with a difficult situation, we can choose to respond with an open heart. While in this centered open place within our self, perhaps we can really help someone. But even if we just radiate love from our open heart, doing nothing else, it is possible and most likely that we will transform all those around us. Haven't you been in the presence of someone like that?

"Letting go" of the past is a moment by moment choice. What I just experienced one second ago as I wrote this is the past and now I am letting it go... Experience and savor the moment... then let it go!

When our total being and awareness is fully in the present moment, we begin to see and experience the beauty, wonder and magic of life! A freshness is restored to living. There are so many miracles presented to us simultaneously, if we could only see them! In actuality, if we allow all of our senses to take in everything that surrounds us, we could experience ecstasy eternally!!!

Holding onto the past not only robs us of the moment, it allows a continuation of stagnant, sometimes unhealthy energy to cloud our perception of what is truly around us. It can even attract destructive events into our lives.

So why do we do it? That is the trillion dollar question! For most of us, I believe we simply have not had the "education" and practice to live in the moment. It is not something embraced by our culture or the world in general. So that is why it will take a little discipline and work at first to try out this new way of living.

Remember, you ALWAYS have a CHOICE in every moment to choose joy, peace, forgiveness, and love. Try it and let me know how your life changes!



Awakening to Zero Point:
The Collective Initiation

by Gregg Braden

This is not a new book, but one of major significance at the birth of the millennium. And Gregg talks in depth about how and why, in layman's scientific terms, resonating "peace" or any other state of being will bring it about in the external world around us.

Chapters are:

  1. Simultaneous Birth and Death: Changes of State
  2. Matter, Energy, Light and Information: The Language of Creation
  3. Interdimensional Circuitry: The Web of Consciousness
  4. Crop Circles: Resonant Glyphs of Change
  5. Message of Zero Point: The Universal Christ
  6. "Good" and "Evil" and Separation: The Holographic Message of Truth
  7. Awakening to Zero Point: The Bottom Line

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