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What is the CRAZINESS going on in my life and the world right now?

Yes, the vibration of planet Earth continues to step up and since we are part of her body, we too are all feeling this quickening pace. Rapid change often results in chaos and upheaval. And we are without a doubt in an unprecedented time of extreme change in our personal world & the world at large. We reflect the world, the world reflects us... it is the law of resonance.

There is no time between these events of upheaval in our lives. Just when we think we'll get a breather, something else happens to us. It is rocking our very foundation, and when the foundation crumbles, the house collapses. What I can say from the deepest part of my knowing is that what is important is not what happens to us, but how we respond to it.

We can't always control the events in our lives. What we can control is how we perceive at all of this. Do we choose to see what is happening in the world and our personal life as "bad"? Do we buy into the cataclysm mentality? Do we find ourselves focused only what is lacking in our lives? Do we dwell on the chaos, violence and pain in the world? Do we lose hope?

Or, do we choose to see the beauty in the world and the people in our lives? Do we choose love and compassion over judgment? Do we co-create to make our personal world more peaceful and loving? Do we let go of people and situations that do not lift us up? Do we choose to see the gift in every moment? There is always a choice in every moment to respond differently.

Our challenge is to trust that all is well no matter what. We can choose to accept that everything just "is" and continue to maintain our centeredness, groundedness, detachment and faith in the Divine Plan.

I receive many emails from good friends that are worth reading. Once in awhile one or two come along that resonate to my very core. I'd like to share one of them with you as I feel they speak to our times.

This email is a message from the Hopi elders in Arizona. When the Hopi speak, we must listen. They understand our times much more than we do. They have a keen sight into the past, present and future... the gift of prophecy. Listen. I have printed it and put it on my mirror so I can see it and my own reflection to remind me of who I am.

I hope you will pass these messages on in your own way.

I also want to share Drunvalo Melchizedek's website. He has wonderful archived writings that will inform and uplift you.

Reflecting on these messages and articles, I believe we are in the process of realizing a huge consciousness shift of all sentient beings, which includes birds, animals, plants, stones, insects, and hue-mans. I'm feeling deeply that the key to realizing this is to finish up our heart healing. When this is done, the heart chakra of hue-mans, Earth & all sentient beings alike will open like never before. We will know compassion, unconditional love and service to others. We will at last realize peace on Earth.

The end of this year 2000 is the TRUE transition between millenniums. I am feeling it. Others are feeling it. The time is now to finish the past and prepare for the new glorious future!

Three songs from Chris Spheeris' CD "Pathways To Surrender":


Spirit speaks when I surrender
And I surrender when spirit speaks
I give myself up
To the light from which I came
As I surrender, I change
As I change, everything around me changes
Everything becomes new
Over and over
This is the path of innocence
Each step we walk only once
Spirit speaks in the voice of the present
The state of grace
The perfect garden
I surrender into remembering
A blessed time
A time we lived together
Loved together
In the presence of surrender.


Grace is the gentle force
That forgives the past
A sleeping potion
That puts history to rest
Grace is the guide that delivers us
To the doorway of surrender
Grace is the key to the kingdom of the heart
Grace is the lancing of the tether
And the preparation to ascend
Grace is the gentle morning
After a night of storms
Grace is the tear of joy
That makes all eyes transparent
Grace is a dove of peace
Carried by the wings of love
Grace is the calling of the purest heart
To a place where all hearts unite
In love
In surrender
In grace.


Love is an ancient memory
A future dream
Eternity breathed through mortal lips
It is the air that wraps around us
Enters us
That connects us
Like the pull of heavenly bodies
Love is neither taken nor given
But discovered and allowed
No one is without love
Only some cannot see it
Love is the force that brings all living things
Into being
Into being together
Being together
In love.

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