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QUEST for the HOLY GRAIL: Part 2

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The image to the left is an image I see quite often in my meditations and dreamtime since returning from my Glastonbury Initiation in August 1999. I call this the Double Chalice, or the As Above/So Below Chalice. What I have learned about this symbol is that there are two very precious centers within the body that are like chalices where energy is created, stored and where it overflows within us and to others as it fills. These Divine receptacles within each of us are an important part of understanding our individual and collective Quest for the Holy Grail.

These centers are in the pelvic cavity of the body, specifically the womb of a woman, and in the heart. They are intimately connected, and energy between these chalices are flowing back and forth communicating with each other all the time. All beings have a womb space, including men. It is where we are an empty vessel for creative energies to fill us and move us to be in the world and do in the world in alignment with Divine Will.

For me the chalice represents a receptivity, which a woman naturally knows how to do. From this space of receptivity, a woman listens, watches, feels, and receives information. She receives through all her senses and from her extra-sensory abilities. She collects this information within her creative womb chalice and then with her heart chalice, transforms the information into Compassionate Love energy. This energy then overflows within, feeding herself via the Emerald of the Vagus nerve, and simultaneously, it spills out to all those she touches with Her Self. This natural ability of a woman lies also within every man.

This is The Grail Quest which All beings on the planet are now on, whether they know it or not. It is an individual path and a collective path. Individually, each of us is trying to balance the chaotic heartless environments we are often in, the most important one being the environment within ourselves. And collectively our Earth Mother is reflecting this desire & need to balance, not only within ourselves, but our use and misuse of the abundance of gifts she gives and that we are dependent upon for our very existence.

Holy Grail Quest, August 17, 1999

In the story of the Quest for the Holy Grail, Perceval is an innocent fool, young and inexperienced, lost in a huge forest. He is searching for the Holy Grail, but does not really understand what it is. It is a longing to find something of value and meaning in his life. What he does not know is that he is ripe to learn, to rediscover that which he thinks he lost so long ago. He is the child who searches for the promise of Spring and living life with an open heart.

The Holy Grail is in the castle of the Fisher King. The King is old and his kingdom, which was once green and flourishing, now lays barren, dried-up and dead. He has a wound in this thigh and it will not heal. (the thigh represents our spiritual fire.) He is waiting for someone to come and ask "the right question" about the wound on his leg because it is He who shall receive the Holy Grail.

Perceval after many years of searching, finds his way to the castle. But he does not say anything to the King about the wound in his thigh, because he has been taught it is not polite to speak of such things and also because he is distracted with all the extravagant food and offerings given to him by the King. And even though the Grail was there in front of him all the time, he does not recognize it. The following morning, he leaves the castle without the Grail .

Years later after more wanderings in the forest searching for the Grail, he comes to the castle again, and this time he asks the King about the wound in his thigh. Since Perceval has asked the "right question", he is given the Holy Grail by the King. The Kingdom is thus restored with lush green vegetation, trees and flowers, and the Kingdom thrives with prosperity which the King lovingly shares with All the people.

Perceval finds the Holy Grail only after offering awareness to the wound of the Fisher King. The Grail was found inside himself when Perceval opened his heart in compassion to the pain and wound of another. But more importantly, to be able to recognize the pain and wound within another, we must first be able to see it and love it within our self.

Through the Journey of the Heart, which is the Quest for the Holy Grail, we face our own darkness as we often roam lost in the forest of our lives... but if we continue to search, one day, we can see our shadows, accept them, and yes even love them.

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The essence of the Divine Feminine is within us All. It is the ability to love and accept others because we have learned to love and accept all of our Self, both light and dark. And the sacred chalice, the Holy Grail, is the compassion and love overflowing as a result of our self-love and self-acceptance. This compassion and love reside in the Double Chalice of our womb and our heart.

So... at last, the Holy Grail is found. In Truth, it has never been lost. It has always been and always will be within each of us.

from my journal, October 5, 1999

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Womb Man


The Healing Tones of Crystal Bowls
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