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Summer 1999

On a personal note, I wanted to keep you informed of my trainings and experiences thus far in 1999. So far, this year has been an incredible year of adventure and personal growth and multiple trainings with Aura-Soma and the Samassati School of Holographic Healing.

For the first half of 1999, I completed 5 intensive trainings with the Samassati School of Holographic Healing in Acupuncture Theory & Point Location, Transforming Pain, Nurturing Women's Health Part I, and Samassati Aromatherapy Initiation Part I. I also completed 9 intensive days of training in the United States with Aura-Soma, 6 which were personally with Mike Booth, the CEO of Aura-Soma. In April, I completed 4 intensive days of Cranio-Sacral Dynamics with Roger Gilchrist.

I was fortunate to be able to study personally with Mike Booth, Aura-Soma CEO, for 6 days in May of 1999. The first 3 days was a Healing Intensive in Chicago, IL where we learned the latest method of reading the 4-bottle client selection that has been coming to Mike since April of this year. We were the first in the United States, and maybe the world, to learn of this new method. It involves looking at the numerological layers of the 4 bottles in order to find the issues behind the issues, finally coming to the core issue that is behind the 4 bottle selection. I've practiced this on several clients and all have reported to me that it was key in helping them understand and resolve the "pieces of their puzzle". For myself, I can tell you it was like being seen for who I truly am for the first time.

The second 3 days with Mike was a Kabbalah Tree of Life Experiential as it relates to the 4 bottle client selection. This was an extraordinary time of experiencing on a deeply personal level the multi-dimensional quality of who I am. By tracing the 4 bottles through the 4 worlds on the Tree, hidden bottles are revealed and create a map of one's consciousness at this moment in time. In addition, the next octave of the Tarot via the bottles are brought into awareness, showing one new gateways for personal evolution. I truly believe new brain pathways were awakened in this class.

In between the two courses above, I had a course on the Aura-Soma Tarot as it relates to the Tree of Life. This is where I learned the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles and their qualities in relation to the Tarot. It is here I also learned that, as far as I know, Aura-Soma is the first and only to take the ancient Tarot to the next level of consciousness. In Aura-Soma, not only are there the 22 major arcana, but another 22 major arcana at the next dimension of human awareness. They are an octave above the traditional 22 major arcana that have revealed themselves in the Aura-Soma map for the transformation of human consciousness! It is because we are ready to see the next levels of ourselves that this new map has emerged!

In the second half of 1999, I made a sojourn to England to Aura-Soma Headquarters, completing my Level III Practitioner Studies and an intensive course learning a new way to use the Aura-Soma Beamer Pen. I also spent several days leisurely visiting with friends and visiting Glastonbury during the Total Eclipse of August 11, 1999 at 11:11am! In November, I attended a 3-day Aura-Soma intensive on Advanced Consultation Skills in San Diego, CA.

In August, I travelled to Aura-Soma in England to visit their home base in the tiny village of Tetford in the beautiful Wolds of Lincolnshire. This is where Vicky Wall founded Aura-Soma in the early '80s, and where it's headquarters are today. First of all, I was totally inspired by the incredible beauty of the land and sky there. I was privileged to see the Production Area and witness the Aura-Soma products being made. All products are still hand poured and packaged!

What moved me most were the beautifully cared for acres and acres of herbs and flowers that are the essence of Aura-Soma. I now have a new appreciation for the care that goes into maintaining the highest vibrational quality in the products. It is still a remarkably small operation in comparison to the vast about of product that is shipped all over the world. This is done precisely to assure that the delicate living energies in the products are maintained. I now have a much much deeper appreciation of Aura-Soma....

While in England, I completed my Advanced Practitioner Training and am now a certified Aura-Soma Color Practitioner. The Level III studies were about the Kabbalah Tree of Life and learning how the bottles are a map of the Tree. Mike told us that Vicky had no idea when she was creating this system that it would be the keys to a map of consciousness reflecting itself. And the keys are the bottles themselves. As they are mapped on 4 Worlds of the Tree of Life, the multi-dimensional doorways within the Self are opened by the color, crystal and plant energies in the bottles. This allows access to the parts of Self previously hidden and locked away. It was an extraordinary experience for me!

After completing my Advanced Practitioner Training, I travelled to Glastonbury for 3 full days of experiencing the Chalice Well (the water that energizes the Aura-Soma products), the Tor and the Abbey grounds. And of course, I was there for the August 11, 1999 Total Eclipse at 11:11am! This was a major initiation for me beyond my wildest dreams! I've written a bit about it and many have said that reading it has really helped them.

Then I returned to Tetford and for 3 more days of Aura-Soma training using the Beamer Light Pen. The Beamer Light Pen shines color light through vials of the Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles directly into the body and aura. It is an exquisite experience, taking the liquid light energy of Aura-Soma into the Self.

In November, I attended a special Aura-Soma course with Mike Booth in San Diego, CA on Advanced Consultation Skills. For me this was a continuation of the specialized training I received with Mike in May of this year, honing the skills of understanding, interpreting and communicating the language of colour. As always, it not only matured my consultation skills, but also enriched me personally.

In the Year 2000 Anne has completed:
January 2000, Phoenix, AZ: Aura-Soma Bridge (Teacher Introductory Classes)
March 2000, England: Aura-Soma Level I Teacher Training
April 2000, Chapel Hill, NC: continued Cranio-Sacral training with Roger Gilchrist

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