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QUEST for the HOLY GRAIL: Part 1

On August 1, 1999, I went to England for some Color Therapy training. Although I could feel that this first trip to England promised more than I could ever imagine, little did I know that I would once again begin a profound personal pilgrimage... one that set me onto my quest for the Holy Grail.

Since returning home, much has been revealed to me, both personally and also with the unfoldment of the collective unconscious of humanity. I believe my experiences may be of some value to you, so I will write a little bit with each newsletter, as it unfolds for me.

While in Glastonbury, England, I began to feel a change deep within me. It seemed as if I was able to cross some nebulous veil into a time before history (his-story)... a time when All Life was treasured and when both men & women knew their place within the sacredness of the Earth & the Cosmos... a time when "Woman" was revered for Her being, as She understands the secrets of life and carries the precious mystery of creation in Her Body. These are the mists of Avalon, the time before History.

This was when the Sacred Trilogy was alive & well:
EARTH : (Woman:Man) : SKY

Recently, while receiving a Biodynamic Craniosacral session with a colleague of mine, I became deeply in touch with my own Grail Quest and what that means for me. It has to do for me with Re-claiming my Heart, the Emerald of my Heart. It is above the green of the physical heart and below the turquoise of the higher/cosmic heart at the thymus... it is at the Vagus center, the Wanderer within my Body... it is My Heart, All Hearts.

During this experience, I felt waves of forgiveness & compassion pulse through me, followed by a deep inner peace. I experienced many colors, which is not uncommon, and became more deeply intimate with them. Color was coming alive within me in many new ways.

Within this inner journey, I connected with two people from England and together, the three of us drifted in the outermost reaches of existence, where I felt Source closer to me than I've ever experienced. It is here that I discovered how light & silly Source really is... the Cosmic Jokester... even more like the squeal of delight from an innocent child as she discovers something totally new for the first time!

Here, within the Emerald of each of our hearts, we are all children, precious & loved unconditionally. At that moment, I discovered the *home* we are all longing for... a complete melding with My Self... and with Source, as I Am a holographic piece of the Cosmic Cloth... and so are You, and so are we All.

Read Part 2.

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